6 | Cassie Parks – Lifestyle and Finance Coach

By Jolie Pagaille

Cassie Parks, Lifestyle Coach and Financial Savant came into my life just as I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and my finance/budget woes. In my life, I have no clear goal as to what I am doing. I am mostly floating along in this river called life and witnessing everyone on land, who seem to have it figured out.

In speaking with Cassie, I learned some great advice that I have just started to implement. When it comes to finance, I am not the greatest person to seek advice on. I am the worst when it comes to budgeting and sticking to it. I have a penchant of squandering away my paychecks just so I can have a fabulous pair of Valentino heels or an amazing Milly dress.

What I love about my podcast, is it affords me to interview all these wonderful women and to learn from them. For that I am grateful.

Cassie Parks is a Lifestyle and financial coach. She is an author and has written seven books on improving lifestyle and attracting money. She also has a popular podcast show called More Money.

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Cassie Parks - Finance and Lifestyle Coach

Connect with Cassie Parks at www.CassieParks.com

Listen to her Podcast More Money

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Wealth and Money management – redesigning a healthy relationship with money.
  • ”Believe Amping” – working on your goals AND believing your goals will come into fruition.
  • Reprogramming your brain to give you what you want.
  • How to have a clear vision of what you want.
  • ROI – return on investment – how to apply this to your life.
  • Investing in happiness.

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  • Reply
    Jem Castor 3 weeks ago

    Such a helpful podcast. Thank you for sharing financial advise especially on valuing my worth and assessing ROI.

  • Reply
    Rhonda Albom 3 weeks ago

    I think everyone can use a lifestyle coach to help them clearly see what is important and how to achieve their goals. I think a coach would have been very helpful when I was younger.

  • Reply
    Amber Myers 3 weeks ago

    This sounds like a great episode to listen to. I always like hearing what financial coaches have to say. I always try to be careful with my money.

    • Reply
      Chelle Dizon 3 weeks ago

      It seems we really have to check and assess how we manage our finances and budget. I’ll definitely check more about it on the podcast cause it really inspires me.

    • Reply
      Vivienne 2 weeks ago

      That’s great you’re careful with how you invest your money! :)

  • Reply
    Joanna 3 weeks ago

    I think most people don’t really know how to handle their budgets because they were never thought. It should be a topic in school really, and maybe then people would start making more rational decisions when it comes to budgeting and their finances.

  • Reply
    Christine Combs 3 weeks ago

    I am planning on listening to this later this afternoon! I am THE WORST at sticking to a budget. I HATE THEM but I know they are necessary and I need to be better about it!

  • Reply
    Emelia A Lawrence 3 weeks ago

    I am listening to this now, I could use a little direction. Thanks so much for the information and I love your podcasts!

  • Reply
    Joan 3 weeks ago

    Budgeting is really important and as much as I think I am good with mi e, I could use some help sometimes.

  • Reply
    Nicole Anderson 3 weeks ago

    Budgeting is so important. At least in our family it has been. We used to be so bad at budgeting but things got so much easier after we got used to it. I could still use some help sometimes!

  • Reply
    Rosy 3 weeks ago

    Having coaches seem great!
    They’d be there to help you out with different situations and help you come to a conclusion.

  • Reply
    Tonya 3 weeks ago

    Sounds like a must listen 😀

  • Reply
    Tara Pittman 3 weeks ago

    I would love to hear he take on money. I do believe that one needs to have a healthy relationship with money

  • Reply
    Stacie 3 weeks ago

    I need to listen to her sometime. I could use some better direction in my life as well. I sometime feel like I’m floating down the river too.

  • Reply
    Ola @ WanderWithOla 3 weeks ago

    I would love to listen to her ideas and advices about managing the money. It surely is one of the things in life where many people need some help from the experts on, because they do not really know (or even think about) how to handle their finances wisely. Thanks for sharing this! ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  • Reply
    Allison 3 weeks ago

    That’s great, Vivienne, that you took control and sought out a terrific financial coach to help you. Great interview!

  • Reply
    Brittany 3 weeks ago

    This sounds like a great and useful episode to listen to. Thanks for sharing

  • Reply
    Enriqueta E Lemoine 3 weeks ago

    Love your blog and potcasts… so important to put our finances in order! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply
    brie 3 weeks ago

    Hm, lifestyle coaches? They could be beneficial definitely. We all need advice and guidance when it comes to our life.

  • Reply
    Cecilia 3 weeks ago

    I’m so happy I found your podcast. And this recording was no exception. Many thanks!

  • Reply
    Melanie Walsh 3 weeks ago

    I’m an avid podcast listener and so this sounds like a great addition to my library. I know I have my own money woes, so getting some guidance would be much appreciated.

  • Reply
    Sundeep 2 weeks ago

    I will definitely going to listen her later. And yes we all need guidance and advice from the coaches

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