Akepele Apparel (pronounced: A Cappella)

I love meeting people behind start-ups and small businesses and the dream-getters. These people are extraordinarily passionate about their ideas and to see their ideas come into fruition is real treat in itself. It’s especially inspirational to hear these entrepreneurs take risks to create something from nothing and turn their aspirations into brilliant, creative, and wonderful somethings. In turn, these wonderful somethings can become influential in our everyday lives. It might just influence the next great idea.

A friend of mine, Trent Renz Berry, launched an apparel line during this summer called Akepele (pronounced A Cappella) Apparel. The idea behind the apparel like was born from the love of hip hop, funk, and soul music and its surrounding cultures.

Akepele Apparel Turntable Men's
Turntable – Men’s T $20

The inspiration behind Akepele was to create something that follows my passion for music, and I have done just that. Every design has a reference to music in one way or another with images of instruments, records, and genres of music. We also collaborated with local graffiti artists to design selections for the brand.” – Trent

Akepele Apparel Women's Magnificen V-Neck T
Women’s Magnificen V-Neck T $20

Akepele Apparel uses high quality fabrics and the industries’ best screen printers for their shirts and have expanded from offering shirts to embroidered fitted hats.

Akepele-Logo Hat
Akepele-Logo Hat $25

Already, Akepele Apparel has an amazing international presence in Australia and Italy. There are already a number of well-known DJs and producers across the country wearing Akepele Apparel T-shirts and hats. Be on the look out!

Trent’s current goal is to have Akepele Apparel in clothing stores across the country. Eventually, Trent would like to open their own flagship store in Portland, Ore. to showcase not only their own brand, but also other local artists’ merchandises.

You can currently purchase at www.akepeleapparel.com. For more inquiries about Akepele Apparel, email theinfo@akepeleapparel.com.

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