Be a…Bombshell Onyx Eyeliner

I remember when I first set eyes on an eyeliner that was in the form of a marker. Yes, a marker. I had set my eyes on the cute and adorable Tokidoki brand at Sephora. I thought, what a brilliant idea! Why? One would assume optimal precision drawing a line on your upper lid with a felt tip marker, yes?

However, if it was just a marker, will the marker, itself, last? Normally, drawing markers tend to empty quickly or dry out fast.

I’m an Ipsy subscriber and I had received a Be A…Bombshell Onyx eyeliner – marker in my October bag. I was awfully excited, because I did like the Tokidoki marker I purchased from Sephora. Be A…Bombshell could be a  replacement for the no longer available Tokidoki makeup line.


How well did it fair?

The liner glides on smooth, which is a plus. Unlike pencils liners (which you have to repeatedly sharpen) or liner brushes, this marker’s tip is pointy. The liner makes it easy to draw a really thin line, especially if you’re trying get in between your lashes.

The amount that glides out is light to medium, so the color isn’t super black. I had to go over my line to make it darker, but it’s a perfect amount to line the bottom lashes if you just want light coat.

Immediately, after my liner is applied, I had to wait for it to dry a little bit before batting my lashes or else I would leave a liner streak near my eyelid crease.

Overall opinion:

I like it, but I don’t love it.

One thing I did like about this product is that it stays on for hours, unlike pencil liners that tend to fad as the day goes by.

*This post is NOT a sponsored post. Interest in and opinions of this product are the author’s.


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