Beauty For Real: Light up Lip Gloss Review!



I recently got to try some Beauty For Real Light Up Lip Gloss in “Kiss Me” and it’s pretty cool, so I thought I would take some pics and write a quick review! OK, so first off Beauty For Real is a company with a smaller range of products (they have a mascara, a cheek tint & luminizer, lip glosses and a lip pencil, and Light Up nail polishes.) So, kinda small…but pretty cool. The Lip Gloss I tried felt great, no stickiness (YAY!) and it had a slight cooling peppermint tingle when applied. The color Kiss Me is a medium cool pink that would work well with most skin tones…My lips are pretty pigmented to begin with so I don’t feel like it showed up a whole lot, but my lips were a lot shinier!



I think next time I would like to try the Starlust or Lighthearted shades. The Glosses are $22 and it IS kind of a high price, but hey, your lip gloss lights up AND has a built in mirror! PLUS, if you sign up for their email newsletter, quite often they send out $10 off coupon codes! About the light…its neat, a real conversation starter for sure, but Im not in dark or dim places very often (we don’t get out to bars much these days with 2 kids ;) But i can totally see how the light would be great for that! I however, am more thrilled about the little mirror on the side of the tube, I don’t know how many times I’ve been in the passenger side of my car (while my fiancee was driving) and have been aggravated there is no mirror on that side! So, overall I am very happy I found this company and am looking forward to trying more of their products. Thanks for reading!




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