How to Burn Calories While Making Ice Cream

Yes, the headline is a joke, but I thought I’d do a fun review for you all that has nothing to do with beauty or fashion. This is more like a gift idea (gag gift maybe) review for the upcoming holidays for the kids. Maybe I should do a mommy blog for these ideas, it has crossed my mind!

Today’s review includes my tired arms, 3 minutes of my time, and ice cream. At least, runny ice cream.

I recently received the Ice Cream Magic, which is a Personal Ice Cream Maker for kids — or adults who are kids at heart. It runs at $9.99 per cup at selected stores, otherwise it’s $14.99 (+S&H) for 2 cups online. It states that you can create “ice cream in 3 minutes!*” — see that asterisk there? That asterisk is their disclaimer for “Results may vary….” Or in other words, “You might be disappointed with this product!” Okay, so lets just get to it.

Ice Cream Magic

First, I filled the ice cream cup (Ice Chamber) with crushed ice, 4 tablespoon of salt and 4 tablespoon of water.

ice cream ingredients

I decided to do the basic Vanilla Ice Cream recipe, since I didn’t really feel like going out and buying more ingredients that I may not use. The Vanilla Ice Cream recipe required 1/4 cup of Whipping Cream, 1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla extract, and 1 tablespoon of sugar, then mixed well. You’re actually not going to get a lot of ice cream with 1/4 cup of whipped cream, by the way.

Next, I popped the silver freezing bowl into the ice chamber cup and poured my ice cream mixture into the freezing bowl. Snapped on the ingredients lid and also snapped on the cover lid (yes, this comes with 2 lids) and shook the cup for 3 minutes.

Those 3 minutes were a workout. Both of my arms are tired! I’m pretty sure I didn’t really burn a whole lot of calories, but it felt like I did! The following pictures are the results of my so-called ice cream.

shaken not stirred
You can kind of tell that this looks more like milk shake than ice cream. Interestingly, the mixture on the inside wall of the bowl was starting to solidify.
runny ice cream
One word : RUNNY. The center mixture of the “ice cream” was runny.
somewhat runny ice cream
The mixture on the side walls of the bowl was starting to solidify. I think if I had shook the cup longer than 3 minutes, then the whole mixture would have become more like ice cream than a runny milk shake.

The recipe for the Vanilla Ice cream is surprisingly delicious — I was not expecting that at all. However, I think, this costs more to make than to purchase a pint of ice cream from the store.

Overall, it’s a fun novelty gift, but it doesn’t work perfectly and you will definitely not get ice cream consistency in 3 minutes. Maybe if you let your child run around shaking it for 10 minutes or more then it will be less runny — if they even have the patience for 10 minutes…

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