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If you have an Instagram account chock full of photos, then you’ll love Instajunction. They are a company based in the UK and they take your Instagram photos of your choice and turn them into Polaroid style cards, wrapping paper, cuff links, charm bracelets, magnets, calendars, coasters, and more!

Instajunction Website

Instajunction was awesome enough to give me a run of their products. I chose one reuseable vinyl, a set of six greeting cards, and a pack of 10 Polaroid style cards. (If you were following my Instagram profile a few weeks ago, then you may have noticed that I had posted pictures of my son — they’ve been removed since then.) I picked 4 pictures of my son and a few other pictures and the JP logo.

The website is very easy to use. Just choose the product of your choice, then they have a feature that you click on to login to your Instagram account where you can choose your pictures.

The turnaround on my products were pretty quick, but unfortunately, there was a a huge pixelation issue with the JP logo (this is because the resolution that Instagram spits out isn’t exactly high quality) and they didn’t want to send out products that came out crappy. So, Chris, the founder, contacted me directly to tell me if I would like to still use the logo or if I wanted to switch up the photos. I decided to switch it up and change the logos to pictures of my son and the Prada Marfa sign. Chris emailed me back and told me that they would be switched quickly! Talk about great customer service!

Instajunction Vinyl

1 Reusable Vinyl £3.99, you can purchase sets of 4 (£11.99) or 8 (£19.99).

Instajunction Greeting Card

Set of 6 Greeting Cards for £11.99 or you can purchase more in a set.

Instajunction Polaroid Style Card

Pack of 10 Polaroid Style Cards for £9.99. Again, you can purchase more in a pack.

Overall, I really liked everything that I received! And despite the low resolution of Instagram pictures, I’d say these came out very nice. I’ve already given away a couple of the Polaroid Style pictures of my son to my relatives, as well as a couple of the greeting cards with his adorable face on it.

The total cost of everything I received in USD is $41.60. Currency fluctuates daily, so that is why I didn’t convert any of the prices to USD.

From now until the 8th of December 2013, you can use their coupon code FRIEND25DP to receive 25% off your entire order at

Be mindful that it will take them 3 – 5 days to process your orders and then (depending where you live) 1 – 2 days arrival in the UK or 5 – 12 days internationally. I received mine within 5 – 7 days.

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