It’s My Blog Post and I’ll Post When I Want To…

Hello! It’s been about a minute. By minute, I mean over a year.

As the beginning of the year is upon us, we all (well most of us) like to start that New Year Resolution tradition. We begin with full force before it comes to a complete stop.

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Guess what my resolutions are?!?

1. Redo blog – I want do more fashion posts. Guess what type of post this one is? :)

2. Workout – I do want to workout more, but I want to do something fun to burn calories.

3. Eat healthier – I need to eat less pastries and burgers. I am a little worried about my health at my age, so I need to do more mindful eating.

4. Do more – fun stuff and be EXTRA AF.

5. Hustle – I struggle with the hustle on a daily basis.

6. Podcast – This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time! I think it will be fun!

Unlike my motivated peers, I didn’t start full force. It’s more like a struggle. I’m procrastinating my motivation and it’s terrible. But, hello! Look at this new base layer I purchased at Nordstrom by Sweaty Betty during one of my shopaholic modes! Surely this will help motivate my ass into blogging, instagram-ing, fashion-ing, or workout-ing. 

My Extra-ness

This is me. Being super EXTRA.
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Look at my face. I look ready to go! Or do I have resting bitch face? Nonetheless, I’m going to conquer the world in my Union Jack base layer! By the way, this outfit is so comfortable that I feel as though I could sleep in it. I might just do that!

But let’s talk about base layers. Base layers are supposed to be akin to skin and should act as a second skin. Basically, it should be thin and feel ultra light, wick sweat to keep you dry, and help serve as a barrier to keep your bum from freezing or burning. 

Some people wear base layers under their ski attire, some people wear them under their workout attire. I wear it to lounge around, to bed, and while playing Beat Saber – because really, people should wear base layers to when playing Beat Saber.

I know. Super swole.

How do I wear it? I’m just going to wear this as is. It’s almost as if I’m naked, but I’m not. I’ve got a second skin in a bright Union Jack design and I love it. 

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