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I’d like to introduce you to JuicyCanvas, a company that allows you to take artwork and “remix” it to make it your own! Wait, what? I’m taking someone else’s artwork, reorganizing or remixing it to create a new piece of glorious work of art? How does that work, exactly? Aren’t there copyright laws that I’m breaking? What is going on?

Well it works like this:

JuicyCanvas works with various artists who have uploaded their artworks to the site. When a person, like you or I, go to the website they can take the artwork of their choice and add in their own little pizazz to the piece; then you can choose to have it printed on American Apparel Ts, iPhone or Samsung phone cases, or even on canvases. It’s almost like you’re collaborating with the artist themselves! Best part is you do not need to know the tricks and trades of Photoshop to accomplish any of the “remixing”. JuicyCanvas provides the tools on their website for you to move, rotation, add text, or change the colors of the artwork. Check out mine!

JuicyCanvas Marilyn Monroe

I expanded this cute art piece of Marilyn Monroe, which you can find on their website, and I added text to it. As you can see, there’s a tool bar on the left, there is also one above the artwork.

So who’s the brainchild of this funtastic product and website? Well, they are Artur Maklyarevsky and Deb Brugiati! They have recently launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and are currently seeking fashion savvy enthusiasts (and art enthusiasts!) who are interested in adding individualized artwork to their wardrobe or wall.


Artur and Deb + baby (yes, they have an adorable baby!) are from Buenos Aires/New York. The trio are fond of art, and they are strong believers of being active and creative consumers. Their vision is to create a world where everything can be remixed, redesigned and personalized.


One of their special rewards on their Indiegogo campaign is a Custom Portrait of YOU! Yes. YOU! Or anyone else (loved ones or a celebrity) you would like immortalized on any product they offer. But you’ll have to get it fast! This is only offered to the first 100 backers! The artist who will be drawing YOU will be created by the talented Latam artist Carina Ferraro.


Artur and Deb and their custom portrait! How cute! :)

To find out more about JuicyCanvas OR to become a backer visit www.juicycanvas.com/go. If you can’t be a backer, but would still love to help, then please share/reblog this post!

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