It’s Not Too Late: 2018 Goals

2018 Goals
Hi there. It’s been a while since I’ve written. It was even one of my major goals during 2017 that I would write more. My excuse for not writing is that life got in the way. I’ve rationalized all of my excuses, when really… life hasn’t gotten away. I’m just fucking lazy. There. That’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I’m fucking lazy.


Last year, I said I was going to do this and that and this! It’s gonna be an awesome 2017! I’m going to get my shit together. I’m going to be one of those super organized people who are constantly motivated! YEAH!


Nope. It did not happen.


I was able to change a few of my habits. I downsized my closet significantly. It is now a quarter smaller than before. I have less shoes, less jewelry, less everything. I’ve either sold or donated furniture that I no longer use. I’m still getting rid of things I no longer need/use. I’ll use SWAP or Poshmark to sell items, while the rest I’ll use Facebook Market or donate.


The downsizing of stuff actually makes me feel less stressed. I don’t have to worry about where shit goes or what to do with something. Plus, I just fucking hate clutter. It looks terrible and it causes me stress just looking at it.


Instead of purchasing beauty products, I’ve decided to use what I own. Once I’ve used up the product, then I’ll simply replace it with a similar product that I’ve been dying to try. If I don’t like that product, then I’ll keep using it anyways as to not produce unwanted waste. I’ve been trying to be very conscientious about this.


I started incorporating healthier foods into my diet. My breakfast usually consist of two eggs and one or two cups of spinach or cauliflower with turmeric powder. Or some other variation of two eggs with veggies and turmeric powder. I’ll also order some Harvest Bowls from Daily Harvest. These things are delicious!! I haven’t tried their other products, but I plan to try their smoothie during summer. I’ll also make my own Matcha Green Tea Coconut Milk Latte. I feel if I have a healthy breakfast, then it makes up for the crap I might ingest during the day; like chocolate. Don’t judge.


There are two habits that I would love to incorporate into my life. Exercising and saving money. I’m not so sure why exercising and saving money is such a challenge for me. When I do have the opportunity to save money, I tend to blow it all on … I don’t even know what I’ve spent it all on; and exercising, for me, is just not fun and exciting.

2018 Goals – Starting Today


1. Budget – be a bit more conscientious about how much I spend and what I spend my money on. In fact, I might hold you readers accountable to hold ME accountable for all my goals.
2. Put away $200-$300/mo into my son’s college fund.
3. I signed up for 75 kickboxing classes, which I will be taking 1 -2 times a week. Kickboxing class is really expensive!
4. Do 25 – 30min. circuit training 3-4 times a week at home.
5. Try to do the David Ramsey thing and set aside an immediate emergency fund of $1000. I think I can do this within a month to a month and a half.
6. Any extra income left over after bills will go towards three types of savings account.
    a. Retirement supplement account.
    b. 6-month emergency unemployment fund (I think this would be great to finally have if I ever lose my current job).
    c. House purchasing account – I would really love to own my own house.
7. I might take a look at my 401k and up the contributions.
8. Continue to incorporate healthy eating habits.
9. Continue to incorporate a more minimalistic lifestyle.
10. Try to fucking blog more. I know, I keep saying this…
11. This goes against the whole budget thing, but I would really love to update my wardrobe with nicer and classic pieces from time to time. I do have to admit, I feel like I have spent quite a bit during Christmas on clothing. Except, I feel as though I didn’t really buy a whole lot. I also did try to get items that were the EXTRA __% off Sale Items.
     a. Also, while updating my wardrobe, I plan on removing an old item when I purchase a new item, so I won’t clutter my closet again.
12. If I do indulge in spending money for my kid, I will spend it on educational items.


I think that’s all I have. All in all, I’m just adding two lifestyle changes. Two really tough lifestyle changes for myself. In fact, I might hold you readers accountable to hold ME accountable for all my goals. I would love to write about my progress each month, but only if you’re going to read it. This will also help me write more.


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  • D 1 year ago

    Great ideas and tips, some of which I try to do. Keep it up and soon enough it will be a part of life! At least that’s what I say to myself 😉

    D xo | from Live Dream Create-D

    • Vivienne 1 year ago

      That’s what I tell myself, too! lol They say, do something 20 times (20 days) then it’ll become a habit :)

  • Zoë 1 year ago

    Money is always a great thing to concentrate on… I hope you have more luck now staying focused. I’m sure you will :)

  • Kylie Abreu 1 year ago

    Good on you! These are some great goals. I love new year as it is a new slate to start over again.

  • Shannon | Shannie Chic 1 year ago

    Such useful tips and great practices!

  • Edwin Prasetio 1 year ago

    Well, many goals to reach within this year, and I hope you succeed fulfilling that target. Those are good things. Not only personal aims of yours, but also a sustainable plan for your beloved son (y)

    • Vivienne 1 year ago

      Yes! I need to think about him and his future education :) I want to make sure he’s covered.

  • Christine 1 year ago

    Love posts like this! Even though you’re “really fucking lazy” I love that you actually wrote a blog post again! Working on ourselves, our budgets and all of that isn’t really what I consider fun, but I think I finally realized that there has to come a time when I really start putting that at a priority and that was last year for me!

    • Vivienne 1 year ago

      It isn’t fun, especially the budgeting part. In the long run, my future self will thank me 😁

  • Marisa 1 year ago

    You are so right. Its never too late. Budgeting is a big one for me too!

  • Sam 1 year ago

    Great tips to organize life this year.

  • Emily Fata, 1 year ago

    Sometimes I set goals for myself at the very end of the year! Better late than never, and it’s good to keep goal setting for yourself consistently throughout the year. :)

    • Vivienne 1 year ago

      I agree! It really doesn’t matter when we set goals, as long as we continually try to improve ourselves 😊

  • Oh to Be a Muse 1 year ago

    Great goals. Fitness and healthier eating are both big goals of mine for this year. As for #11, you can definitely spend money on classic staples. At the beginning, yes, you are spending money on clothes. But after you buy classic staple pieces that are of good quality, you’ll end up spending less money on clothes in the long run because quality staples won’t ever need to be replaced.

    • Vivienne 1 year ago

      This is so true!! I also find that, because of the quality, they’ll last longer and I’ll take better care of them because they cost more 😊

  • Ophelia T 1 year ago

    I love your goals. Staying fit and eating better food are my goals too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Christina | From Under a Palm Tree 1 year ago

    It’s never too late to set goals and I’m right there with you! It’s February and I’m still setting goals and hoping to change some of my habits and routine. I love that you downsized your closet. I’m working on doing that too and it’s so hard! I’m also really trying not to procrastinate. Those are my big things right now.

    • Vivienne 1 year ago

      It was really hard to downsize my closet!! I basically told myself that I didn’t need an item I rarely wore. Plus, it was going to SWAP so at least I’d get a little money back without feeling too bad about it.

  • kelsie 1 year ago

    Budgeting is my number one goal this year! We just got married, so lots of debt to pay off and trying to do it in the best and most efficient way! Great post

  • Ashley 1 year ago

    Love this! I recently posted on my FB that 2018 started in Feb for me as Jan was a trial month LOL. I had set goals and time flew so fast I need a do over. You have some great goals here and I hope you can achieve them

    • Vivienne 1 year ago

      I’m right there with you and agree that January is a trial month! Lol Hope you achieve yours as well!! 😊

  • Ashley 1 year ago

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me that started 2018 in February. January seriously taught me the things I need to begin to work on in the new year.

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