November POPSUGAR Box Review

I was so excited when I received my November’s POPSUGAR box, but I can’t say that I loved everything in the box — and I hope you enjoy my video. My hair was a little crazy, yet, again. I’m going to be known as the crazy hair vlogger! haha

The Michael Stars Wrap is $42. This definitely isn’t my style, but I gave it to my mom and it looks great on her! So all is not lost, but I think this would have made a really wonderful Christmas present.

Illume Candle in Tahitian Vanilla is $15.75. I love the scent and I will be using this!

Lands’ End Single Canvas Wine Tote is $14.50. Again, another item that I didn’t care for, but I think I know exactly who to gift this! I’ll probably add a wine bottle in there, too! haha

Maison De Monaco Strawberry & Blackcurrent Cream Preserves is $6 a jar, but comes in 6 jars on their website for $36 + Shipping & Handling. I still haven’t tried the preserves, yet, but it sounds really delish!

The Soap & Paper Factory Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap is $8. I can’t wait to bust this out soon! haha.. I love the scent of Pine around this season.

Absolute! Nail Polish Remover Pads is $2.99. I’m very excited to try this out! I really don’t care of nail polish remover, so hopefully I’ll like this.. Plus, $2.99 for 32 pads is pretty inexpensive. It also says that you can use one pad for all 10 fingernails, so we will see about that.

Barefruit Crunchy Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips is calculated at $1.06 per 0.53oz bag. It comes in a box of 24 on their website. I don’t know if I would purchase a whole box for this, since I try not to snack much (because I tend to over snack!). I did eat the whole bag immediately after I filmed the video. haha

Canvaspop $30 Gift Card. I have the perfect picture to canvas! You know that artwork on Gossip Girl… the Prada Marfa…? :)

For this month onward, the November POPSUGAR Must Have Box is now $40/month instead of $35. This month’s box totaled $120.30 and for $40, it isn’t that bad at all. If you’d like to try out their box, please click my referral link so that I can earn some extra boxes! :)

*This was not a paid review. Products in this article was purchased by the author. The opinions provided in this article and video is the author’s alone. Article may contain affiliate links.

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