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This Is For You By Jolie Pagaille

Cassie Parks Lifestyle and Finance coach
EP 6 Cassie Parks – Lifestyle and Finance Coach

6 | Cassie Parks – Finance and Lifestyle Coach

Cassie Parks is a Lifestyle and financial coach. She is an author and has written seven books on improving lifestyle and attracting money (Manifesting $10k, Double Your Business, and Money Mindset) . She also has a popular podcast show called More Money. In this episode, she discusses how to attract money and create a clear vision of your goal in life.

This Is For You Podcast
EP 5 Blythe Musteric of Communication Snacks Podcast and Ovient

5 | Blythe Musteric of Communication Snacks and Ovient

Today’s guest is an incredible woman, who I hit it off with right away. Blythe Musteric is the Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Couch at Ovient. She is the author of The Accent Diet and co-author of Communication Snacks, and she co-hosts with her husband on their podcast, also of the same name, Communication Snacks. Blythe has 15 years experience in perfecting the art of professional communication. She has coached leaders and led workshops and seminars at Sillicon Valley’s most famous companies.

EP 4 Anna Lundberg of Reimagining Success

4 | Anna Lundberg of Reimagning Success

I have a very special guest on my podcast today, Anna Lundberg. She has built her professional career working with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, and Burberry. Her coaching career began when she left Procter & Gamble to go on a sabbatical. It was during her travels when she discovered she wanted to reimagine her success by creating a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility.

Bethany of TwentySomethingPlus.com
EP 3 Bethany of Twenty Something Plus

3 | Bethany of Twenty Something Plus

Introducing my third podcast episode featuring Bethany Everett of Twenty Something Plus blog. I am a great admirer of her work on her blog and on her Instagram account. She has a beautifully curated and thoughtful Instagram account that you can’t help but scroll through and dissect each picture.

Podcast Episode 2 Lisa of Lex Life Coaching by Jolie Pagaille
EP 2 Lisa of Lex Life Coaching

2 | Lisa of Lex Life Coaching

Today’s guest is one of my good friends, Lisa of Lex Life Coaching. She’s a full-time single mother and she is, what I call, a multi-entrepreneur. 
In this episode, we’re talking about using your career and life experiences to create opportunities, balancing your personal life with your hustle life, and the most important thing of all – growing both your personal and professional community.

Podcast Episode Christine of Simply Stine
EP 1 Christine of Simply Stine

1 | Christine of Simply Stine

My first podcast featuring seasoned blogger Christine. In this episode, we talked about blogging and standing out in a saturated environment of popular “Internet Famous” bloggers. We also touched on the topic of tools and resources we use to manage our daily social media accounts and more…