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I am always, always in the search for quality, badass headphones. I don’t care if they are over-the-ear, on-ear, or in-earbuds. Lately, I’ve been trying find, not only wireless speakers, but wireless headphones. Ever since my BassBuds died – in the most disappointing way possible – I have been scouring far and wide for some affordable in-earbuds. A super plus if they’re wireless. Lo’ and behold Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Heaphones with noise canceling and mic (yes, you can chat it up over the phone with your friends using these AND step away from your mobile device – I’ve done it, more on that later).

Comes in its own protective carrying case.

These come with different size ear buds (small, medium, large) as well as different size/style of ear locks. See the little loops on there? Those are the ear locks – to help keep the ear buds from falling out when you’re exercising, cleaning house, driving around, or just sitting on your couch. SiliconDevicesHeadphones

The headphones is also supposed to noise at bay (more on this later) – which is great for when you’re in a plane, at the gym, or anywhere noisy where you’d just like to listen to your music without distraction. The mic placement on these are great, since most wire headphones have mics built into the wire whereas these are built into one of the earpieces.

Lets talk about that neon green wire – you’re probably thinking, “How are these wireless? I see a wire.” It’s only a wire to connect the earpieces together. Otherwise, the wire can be worn behind the user’s head so it can’t catch on anything; nor will you accidentally swat the wire with your hand, thus pulling an earbud out. Other than that, it connects to your mobile device or computer via Bluetooth.

One of the smart features on these headphones is that you can still use your phone/computer if you’re away from your device. You can also answer your phone with one touch of the on/off button (also the pause/play button) on the right earpiece, which is basically the piece that has all the control buttons. It also comes with a micro USB charge cable for easy to charge access, either on your computer or through any USB in-wall adaptor.SiliconHeadphones

The good and the bad…

The volume control on the earpiece is also the music shuffle controls. Shuffle to a previous or next song by holding down the + button (previous song) or the – button (next song). The only beef I had with these buttons is that it takes some practice to feel them out and to press the button since they’re so small. Plus, I don’t always reach for my ear to shuffle through songs nor turn up/down the volume. It took some time to become acclimated and I was used to wire headphones where the controls were on the wire.

The sound quality is surprisingly fantastic. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from a Brand I’ve never heard, however it outputs the right amount of bass and clarity. The sound is also “alive” sounding instead of “hollow”. I’ve also tried this to answer phone calls and it was completely crystal clear on my side. When I asked the person I had called what their assessment was on their end, they said they could hear me just fine.

Noise canceling? I have to disagree on this one, unless you shove the earbuds in your earholes so deep that you’ll probably break your eardrums. I’m not completely disappointed with this, since it does somewhat muffle – I’d say – about 30% of noise. All I can say is I’ve got these headphones on right now and listening to the most loudest obnoxious song and it isn’t drowning out my son or the TV (about 15 feet away) that I have going on in the background at volume 13 (which isn’t much).


The design on these headphones are pretty interesting, but I wish they had a wider range of colors to choose from other than neon green. However, they’re easily hidden if you’ve long hair, but if you’re going to workout and pull your hair up, then they’re going to be noticeable. Despite the color, they’re ridiculously comfortable and lightweight, plus they do not fall out.

The price of this is pretty affordable. They’re currently $49.87 + Free Shipping on Amazon, which is an amazing deal for a good quality bluetooth headphone that’s great for being mobile. I’ve also become a huge fan of this product despite some of its minor shortfalls that can be easily overlooked depending on what you’re looking for in headphones.

What are your favorite headphones or what brand and type of headphones are you currently using?




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  • Reply
    Christine 4 years ago

    These seem rather interesting, other than that damn green strap! A girl like me, who has super short hair, I’d wish they’d have offered different colors! Oh well! They seem like a nice option otherwise!

  • Reply
    Julie 4 years ago

    I like the concept of these, especially the wireless aspect, but what a bummer about the noise cancellation. My issue is finding earbuds that don’t hurt my ears. The ones that come with the iphone are so large, and they can get uncomfortable. Hopefully they make these in pink, then I’d buy them! lol

    • Reply
      Vivienne 4 years ago

      Yeah, I wish they had other color selections. I agree that comfort is key and that the iPhone ones can be a bit uncomfortable. These ones are really comfortable since the ear buds are made with silicon :)

  • Reply
    Jen 4 years ago

    I need these so bad for when I go running!

  • Reply 4 years ago

    These seem pretty awesome! And for me the wireless/sound quality out rank the noise canceling

  • Reply
    Kiss & Make-up 4 years ago

    I like the colors! I have a soft spot for acid and leafy greens ;-) And I actually need new headphones, so…

  • Reply
    Linda Manns Linneman 4 years ago

    These sound perfect. I love that it comes with different size ear buds. Thank you so much for sharing

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