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I think beauty and fashion is beyond what the general terms mean and Jolie Pagaille represents all aspects of beauty and artistic expression. One aspect of artistic expression is through decor. I recently came across Paris Styles Designs.

Paris Styles Designs

As a former model, Paris uses her keenly developed sense of style to design and create her home decor and artwork, imbuing each with its own personality and distinction. Paris believes her background in fashion has helped her develop a deeper understanding in patterns, colors, and textures that can complement one another. She then translates these mediums into her art.  Each one of her pieces is unique and has its own story to tell; it is an expression of who Paris is as an artist and person.  Her mission in starting Paris Styles Designs is to bring her own vision of beautiful and unique home decor of art to life, through handcrafted, original design pieces.

Paris Styles Designs

One of my favorites!

Paris Styles Designs’ beautiful and original art includes:

● Home Decor
● Wall Art
● Vases
● Bowls
● Tableware

Paris Styles will be launching her own jewelry line soon. For more information on Paris Styles Designs visit and to purchase her decor go to Etsy Store.

*This post has been brought to you by our sponsor, Paris Styles Designs.

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