The Sexy in BassBuds.


I’ve used Monster Beats and I used to own the fashionable (kind of overrated) Monster | Lady Gaga Heartbeats in white with the pretty red, jeweled earpieces. I didn’t like them. Don’t get me wrong, they sounded fantastic, but they lacked so many features for the price I paid ($99). Plus, I could not use any of the extra silicone buds. My ear holes are just too small.

In comes, BassBuds. I had never heard of BassBuds until recently.

Bassbuds are high performance in-ear earphones, they have a mic + MP3 controller and are compatible with all smartphones. With one of the largest colour ranges on the web, there’s a pair of BassBuds to suit all your style preferences.”

So, I gave them a try. I received a blue pair of their 2012 Collection BassBuds.

I must say, seeing the Swarovski Elements embedded in the earpiece looks pretty sassy! They look like earrings when placed in my ear, which I love a lot!

My BassBuds came in a nice little white box packed with a protective storage bag, black silicone buds, clear silicone buds, and memory foam buds all in three different sizes. At first I was a little disappointed, because I was using the smallest size of the silicone buds, yet, they were still falling out of my ear. I felt as if my ears were not made for in-ear headphones! However, it wasn’t until I realized that the memory foam buds might work better for me, and it did. Perfect!

Now for the real test: Do they sound as good as they look?

Absolutely! I used it for my iPhone and played with the EQ settings while listening to Blood Red Shoes’ “It’s Getting Boring By the Sea”, Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want”, Al Green’s “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”, and… from the Amadeus soundtrack Mozart’s “Don Giovanni, K 527”. The sounds are surprisingly crystal clear, the voices crisp, the music sounded amazing, bold, and alive!

It didn’t sound like cheap headphones that made everything sound flat and dead. I’m very impressed!

The rest of the headphone:

The headphone comes with an integrated high-quality Microphone with Call/MP3 controller that is compatible with all Smartphones. This is where they fail a little bit. However, BassBuds has more features than the Monster | Lady Gaga Heartbeats that I owned.

The memory foam buds are a tad noise cancelling, but not so much that I couldn’t hear my little one’s babbling musings muddled in the background.

The MP3 control is interesting and not a bad feature. To play music you only need to push the controller button once. To forward to the next track, push twice consecutively. To move to the previous track, push three times consecutively. (I can actually imagine some type of comedic skit for this. You get me?) The lacking bit is that there isn’t a volume control on the controller. One of the nice features about Sony headphones is its volume controller on the headphones, but BassBuds headphones do not have this feature – which would have been nice.

The microphone is nice and convenient, but it catches everything. As I dialed my BFF, I accidentally touched my headphone wire and I could hear the rustling via earpiece.  Not only could my BFF hear my son’s babbling loud and clear, so could I, via my earpiece.

And…due to the location of the controller button, it lightly hit my chest and caused my phone to mute our conversation. So I pressed the button again, hoping it would un-mute, but I ended up hanging up on my BFF. I was a little confused about this, since the user guide states that I need to hold down the button to end my call.  The button is a little sensitive.

My overall opinion:

BassBuds is not a bad in-ear headphone. In fact, I think the overall quality of the headphones and sound quality was surprising and of exceptional quality. The design with the Swarovski Element crystal is chic and it isn’t gaudy or over the top. I absolutely love that they include memory foam ear buds, which keeps the headphones IN my ear. The controller functions – it really isn’t the most important part of the headphones, unless you know you will use it a lot.  At $85 for an exceptional high quality set of in-ear headphones, these are it.

Right now Bassbuds is offering $30 off promo code: BB59837 for the Holidays, which brings it down to $55 for a nice set of high-quality, very stylish and sexy, in-ear headphones.

In other news:

“Bassbuds are shortly launching a collaboration with a UK high-fashion label called Maison Twenty, their t-shirts are exclusively sold in iconic London stores such as Harvey Nichols, Harrods and the uber trendy Browns on Bond Street.  The collaboration is going to create a very limited edition box, hand signed by a London based artist (Maison Twenty is an urban collection of artists and designers based in London whose work have featured in galleries and museums all over the world).”

*This post is a sponsored post. Bassbuds supplied earphones in exchange for an honest review.


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