When Kate Meets Gucci & TopShop

Winter White Pop

I’ve seriously been trying to work in more fashion posts, but sometimes it is hard. I’m not sure why this is so hard for me, considering I had almost went into fashion journalism. Anyways, I’m always, always attracted to white outfits. I love white! And even though Coco Chanel created the “Little Black Dress” she wore white — and often and she wore white even after Labor Day.

Moral of the story? Never abide by silly fashion rules that some nobody made up. ;)

The best thing about white is that it goes with everything. And I love pairing white with gold or red or both. As well as other bold colors, like cobalt, or other bright and bold colors under the blue category. I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below if you’d like to see more posts like this or if you’d like to see pictures of me actually wearing an outfit. Eeek!

Topshop ‘The Collection Starring Kate Bosworth’ Knit Sweater $80 – I’ve been a serious fan of TopShop ever since they have a TopShop section in Nordstrom.

Topshop ‘The Collection Starring Kate Bosworth’ Leather Skirt $180

Stephan & Co. Flower Statement Necklace Ivory One Size $24 – cute right? I’ve been on this floral necklace kick lately.

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Studded Wallet on a Chain – Mini’ Crossbody Bag $95 – who is not a fan of Rebecca Minkoff, I ask you?? This studded wallet is major!

Gucci ‘Ursula’ Sandal $850 – I have no words. Gucci is one of my favorite and go to Brands for shoes.


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